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60 Years German Geodetic Commission (DGK) – the way together

(Wunderlich and Hornik 2012)


…In this regard it was mainly the initiative of Martin Näbauer, the Chair for Geodesy at the Technical College of Munich (now the Technical University of Munich – TUM) and Full Member of the BAdW, who single-mindedly and successfully tended to the DGK. Representatives of scientific geodesy and governmental surveying met in Munich in the spring of 1949 to found the German Geodetic Commission …..

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60 Years German Geodetic Commission

(Heipke 2012)

... Geodesy is a fascinating discipline: it has its origins in astronomy and geometry and has dealt with the precise determination of the shape of the Earth for more than 3000 years. In 1880 F. R. Helmert considered the classical mission of geodesy to be the measurement and mapping of the Earth’s surface. Surveyors have always been regarded as the “notaries of the earth”. Today geodesy is a highly mathematical natural science engineering discipline closely associated with earth and social sciences. The frequently encountered addendum “and geoinformatics” documents the rapid changes taking place in this discipline on its way to the information society.